Healthy Heart Openers

To correspond with Valentine’s Day, we have been practicing heart opening poses this month.  Yes, this sounds a bit sappy, but heart openers have real benefits for our bodies.

Many of us spend a lot of time at work sitting and slouching over a desk.  You know how your mother always said that if you make a funny face, it will get stuck that way?  In this case, she would be right!  When we frequently use poor posture, the muscles in our chest tighten and our upper back muscles become long and weak.  Our posture will “get stuck” this way unless we practice heart openers like cobra, upward dog, camel and numerous other poses.

In addition to improved posture, recent studies have shown that heart openers can ease anxiety and depression and promote overall good health.  Plus they feel really great.

So strike a heart opening pose and enjoy the benefits!

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