Dreaming Big for the Coming Year

It’s January again – a popular time to set goals and dream big for the coming year. No matter what your aspirations are, here are a few tips to help you accomplish your goals.

Be Honest – set realistic goals. Shooting for the stars is great in theory, but setting goals that you can realistically achieve will keep you motivated. For instance, if you’re an omnivore moving towards a plant-based diet, it might be best to try easing into the diet one or two days a week.

Be Really Specific – if you have a big goal, there are likely many steps you’ll have to take along the way. For example, if your goal is to buy a house you might need to apply for a loan, create a savings plan, determine your spending limit, etc.

Tell Everyone – the more people you share your goals with, the more you’ll feel accountable for achieving them.

Set Deadlines – give yourself deadlines or check in dates to keep track of progress towards your goal.

Have a Backup Plan – things don’t always go as planned, especially for more complicated goals. Don’t risk panicking and throwing all your hard work away, have a Plan B.

Be Kind to Yourself – congratulate yourself for making progress towards your goal. If the path to achievement gets rocky, do what you can in the present moment to reframe your perspective. Stay focused and positive!

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