Life at Home with your Corner Studio Teachers

Even if it’s just for a few brief seconds, connecting with students before and after class at the studio is something all of our teachers miss. In hopes of bringing a touch of that connection back during this time, we asked our teachers some questions about their lives off the mat.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching yoga from home? 

Sarah: It has been wonderful to connect with Corner Studio yogis every week. I love talking to folks at the end of class and reading the comments. I am very grateful for the community and to the students that show up every week.  

Peter: I’m able to go straight to dinner from Oasis when I have my delivery timed to arrive just after class ends, so it feels like I’m at the studio! But seriously, the check-in process is a lot easier for me now, even if there’s an occasional Internet hiccup. Okay, really, I like working from home, even if the commute is very short for me. I have a space dedicated to my practice which I can now share with more students. That said, my favorite thing is probably seeing cats join in the practice, especially opportunistic lap cats. #pounceonsavasana. 

Mia: Getting to come together with community from my favorite space in the world (and extra long savasanas).

Marca: The connection it provides me to my Corner Studio community. Even though we’re not sharing the same physical space, having a couple minutes before and after class, partially fills the void.

Lisa: Teaching from home is a challenge, just like practicing from home. Oddly enough, that’s what I enjoy about it. It requires me to practice what I preach and use all the tools in my yoga tool box to teach the best class that I can despite distractions (which include my partner and cat) and technological malfunctions.

Jenna: As much as I miss the in-person connection of studio classes, there is a different type of intimacy with virtual teaching.  I feel like I’ve invited all students into my home, and I love that!

Amie: You can’t beat the commute! I didn’t think I would be able to teach a weekly class to the Corner Studio community (that I love so dearly) and now I can! There is no traffic. I also love practicing yoga with my dogs. It’s a little too distracting to teach with them in the room but they often cuddle with me when I take other teacher’s classes.  

With all that’s going on right now, what keeps you grounded?

Sarah: Yoga and meditation practice, for sure. I have been especially enjoying walking meditation if I am having a difficult time sitting still. Connection with my family and friends virtually. Being in nature. 

Peter: Knowing I am very fortunate – there are people who are much worse off than me. 

Mia: Time in the sunshine, connecting with loved ones over text or through Instagram, and making art.

Marca: My dogs keep me grounded and provide a healthy dose of laughter in my life. Many of my students have commented that hearing their snores in savasana has been relaxing. They are completely benefiting from quarantine; constant company, lots of walks, and new interesting table scraps. 

Lisa: Staying present. Focusing on what’s within my control instead of what is not.

Jenna: Long walks, getting outside every day, and extra time with my husband and my wild, happy, newly-one-year-old daughter.

Amie: I honestly don’t know where I would be without my dogs. Going on a walk with them always lifts my spirits! It’s hard not to feel happy when they are so excited. 

Lots of people have been cooking more lately – what’s happening in your kitchen?

Sarah: Before the quarantine, I didn’t have much time to cook so I have just been enjoying cooking in general. Shakshuka with Feta has been a recent discovery. So good!

Peter: My peanut butter cup recipe is top secret – nice try. Also, I hear the reason some students keep their cameras off during class is because they are secretly eating grilled cheese sandwiches. I want to know what cheese you’re using. Pro tip – “butter” the bread with mayonnaise. 

Mia: We’re on a cookie streak and are on our 6th batch!

Marca: Lots of baking, where before I did very little! Cookies, cakes, donuts, fudge….more as an activity than anything else. I never even knew they made baking sheets specifically for donuts (I own 2 now).

Lisa: My kitchen is always pretty lively, but I’ve been baking a lot of sourdough bread now that I have time to consistently feed my starter.

Jenna: For those who eat fish, there are local fisherman selling scallops and haddock directly from their truck in Gloucester.  SO fresh, delicious and inexpensive!

Amie: Ooof! I am no Ina Garten! I did make a strawberry pie (click here for recipe) that was delightful and I can make a pretty good chocolate chip cookie. I am more of a taste tester than a chef but I love to cuddle up and watch “The Great British Baking Show” — a great way to stay positive and inspired.

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