What to Wear: Non-constrictive clothing like you would wear to the gym.

Avoid Heavy Eating Before Class: If your practice is first thing in the morning, have a small piece of fruit before coming to class.

What to Bring for In-Person Classes:

  • A water bottle. We have a complimentary water filling station.
  • Your own yoga mat, if you have one. Mat rentals are available for $1. Mat rentals are free on your first visit and for All Access Members.

Other Info:

  • Pre-registration is strongly encouraged due to limited capacity.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
  • Late arrivals may not be admitted. If you are running late, please call the studio in advance to speak to the class instructor.

How to Join a Livestream Class:

  • Create a free Zoom account. Install the Zoom software on your computer, tablet, or phone. We recommend setting up your account up in advance of your first class. You will need a dependable wifi signal when streaming classes.
  • Our class schedule will be posted as usual on our website and on the Mindbody app, it will say “Livestream” next to the class. Register as you normally do using your existing membership, class card, or purchase your class at check-out.
  • 15 minutes prior to class start time you will receive an email with a link and the password allowing you to “join the meeting” and attend that class. You must sign-up for classes at least 20 minutes in advance so that we have time to send you the link. Registration will close 20 minutes prior to class start time.
  • Starting 5 minutes prior to class you will be able to login and select “Join a Meeting” to join your class via zoom.

Preparing for Livestream Classes:

  • Pick a spot in your home to dedicate to your practice. If you’re in a small space, this can simply be a decision to practice in one place. Keep your mat and props in this area so everything is ready for when you want to practice. Ideally, this will be a space that brings you peace – declutter and remove any visual distractions, if possible.
  • Props. If you have yoga props at home, great! If not, there are creative ways to make your own and plenty of sites that sell them. You can also practice without props. Below are ways to create your own:

Mat – you don’t actually need a mat to practice yoga, but it is helpful. If you aren’t using a mat, definitely keep a blanket nearby for seated or supine postures to pad your spine.

Blocks – books, you can stack them to create the right height for you.

Straps – beach towels, resistance bands, jump ropes, etc.

Blankets –blankets or towels you have at home

Bolster – pillows work well, you can use a combination of blankets and pillows to find the right thickness

  • Limit your distractions. Turn off any electronics that might ring or buzz during class. Ask others in your home to be respectful of your practice. If you enjoy music, play some music in the background.