5 Tips for New Yoga Students

…But I can’t even touch my toes…

I have heard this phrase many times from people that are resistant to trying yoga. And I get it – yoga can be intimidating for a beginner. It’s easier to make excuses and spare yourself the embarrassment.

The thing is, the people who are the most resistant to starting a yoga practice are usually the people who need it the most. Here are some tips that might make starting yoga a bit easier.

1. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga
In fact, being inflexible is even more of a reason to do yoga. You also don’t have to have a certain body type or be a certain gender to practice yoga. There is a kind of yoga for everyone.

2. Don’t be nervous
You won’t be forced to do anything you are not comfortable with. As much as you feel like the whole room will stare at you and leave whispering about the awkward person in the corner, it won’t happen. Everyone participating in class will be too concerned with their own stuff to notice you. And nobody cares whether or not you can touch your toes. Really.

3. Find the right class
Yoga videos are great, but if you are practicing for the first time, it is best to find a class with an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). This way you can ensure that you are doing the poses properly and avoid injury. Many studios offer beginner classes and workshops, so you’ll be in good company.

4. Child’s pose is your best friend
Take child’s pose or any other resting pose often, and don’t be ashamed! I sometimes see people avoid child’s pose like the plague. Like they will somehow be defeated if they allow themselves to rest. Child’s pose is a real pose with real benefits. It’s all about honoring your body and doing what feels best in the moment.

5. Have fun
We tend to take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes you need be playful and laugh at yourself. You are not going to be amazing at yoga the first time you try. Recognize that learning yoga is a process and have fun along the way. I promise downward dog will get easier – just find a good class and stick with it!

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