Getting back into a routine, returning to your mat

After a summer of travel, beach weather, and outdoor activities, autumn’s arrival might be sending you signals to return to your mat. Whatever the reason may be, if you’re desiring to get back to a routine yoga practice, you’re not alone. Here are a few suggestions to revive your practice:

  1. No excuses – it’s easy to make excuses for not practicing, but the truth is that we can always make time for what truly matters. If getting back on your mat is important to you, devote time to it.
  2. Take a class with a favorite teacher – Our favorite teachers inspire us. Join your favorite teacher for class! You’d be surprised how much motivation can come from being around someone that inspires you.
  3. Hit the refresh button – Change is good! New yoga clothes, new mat, choosing a different spot in class – change up something about your practice to refresh your perspective.

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